Arushi Gupta

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Home decor pieces can uplift the ambience of your home. Attractive colours and artwork enhance the decorum. Handmade customised home decoration items and accessories gives a personalised touch to your home.

We deal in variety of handmade decor items that are unique and aesthetically made to enhance the looks of your decor. Each item is crafted painstakingly by hand, which makes it 100 percent unique and authentic.
The beauty of these handmade items is impeccable and can’t be compared to machine made products.
Each product has its own intricate design and pattern made with passion to fill your home with positive vibes.
We love to make stylish home decor and shape our customer’s imagination into fancy artsy decorative product.

These products can be customised and personalised to match your home decor.

Register for My Workshops

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I conduct regular workshops for various kinds of Decoupage techniques. Once you learn the basics you will be able to raise the bar and upcycle your home to the next level. Workshop on glass plate using Reverse Decoupage technique is scheduled on 08 Jan 21 at Kala Kendra.

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Browse through the range of products varying from Decorative Plates to Name Plates, Decorative Bottles to Wall Hangings. If you have an Idea, feel free to discuss. We will customise the product to meet your imagination